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Here is where you can find... well, Everything Dulcimer-related, including articles, tablature and discussions relating to dulcimers.


Rob Brereton


Rob Brereton is considered one of the pioneers in contemporary mountain dulcimer playing. He was one of the first dulcimer players to arrange extensively in the chromatic 1-3-5, and other alternate tunings. 

Doofus is indeed a strange name for a band! It usually refers to somebody whose elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, though it stops short of being an insult when used in a regular and conscientious program of good natured badinage between and among good friends. So while it might mean "village idiot" to some, it's really a token of our affection for each other and the music we make together! We are a lively old time band consisting of two couples: Neal & Coleen Walters and John & Heidi Cerrigione. Together we sing and play guitar, autoharp, mountain and hammered dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic bass.
Judy Anderson Castellano, Guilford (club contact person)

The "Shoreliners" is a dulcimer club made up of a group of muscians that live on (or near) the shoreline of Connecticut, U.S.A. We play various musical instruments individually and get together on a regular basis to play the Moutain Dulcimer, Banjomer, Harp etc. Most Shoreliners are members of the Dulcimer Folk Association (DF#A) in Connecticut.


The Dulcimer Folk Association of Connecticut, also known as DF#A, is a group of folk musicians largely from Connecticut, with representation from Massachusetts and New York. We gather once a month in Avon at Old Avon Village (see directions below) for informal music-making, playing traditional songs from early days in America and Europe, as well as contemporary folk songs. Mountain and hammered dulcimers are the most common instruments played, although many other instruments also join in, including autoharp, bamboo pipe, flute, guitar, mandolin, psaltery, recorders. The Dulcimer Folk Association meets the first Saturday of the month. During the summer months, April through September, the meeting time is 7-11 p.m. In the winter months, October to March, the meeting time is 1-5 p.m. Skill levels range from rank beginners to classically-trained teachers. Large database of music teachers. For all instruments, locations, ages, styles and skill levels






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